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Additional battery loss is rarely an issue at roughly 5%-8% and is unlikely to be noticeable by larger batteries. AA batteries suffer the most loss and are recommended to be upgraded to AA lithium rechargeable batteries. Having a fresh charge every hunt will ensure your AA battery decoys are performing at the highest possible level. Please check out our video on AA battery usage for more information. If you have questions regarding batteries, please call us at 800.564.0914 anytime.

It is important to note that one Animator per decoy is recommended. These motors are capable of moving the Animator seamlessly when used correctly. Adding a SECOND ANIMATOR TO YOUR DECOY MAY OVER WORK YOUR MOTOR. Modern spinning-wing decoys last anywhere from one hunt to 20 years depending on the quality of their assembly. Spinning-wing decoys are not designed to have attachments and adding an Animator to your decoy may, or may not, be advised by the decoy manufacturer. Please understand, by using an Animator with your decoy Blue Bird Waterfowl will not be held responsible for the condition of your decoy before, or after, the addition of the Animator. If you notice your decoy is not functioning properly you can call us at 800.564.0914 to troubleshoot your issues and gather more information about how to use the Animator safely with your decoy. Here are some tips to ensure proper use of the Animator:

1) Use only one Animator per decoy.

2) Keep the decoy as close to the water as possible: keeping the decoy low will ensure the lease amount of drag on your battery and motor, while adding speed and splash to your setup.

3) Charge your batteries! Using low batteries will cause your motor to spin slowly and cause drag on your Animator setup. AA batteries should be lithium-rechargeable and be charged before each hunt.

A dab of Rem oil works wonders on The Animator cam shaft.

Your Animator is made of injected nylon. It has self-lubricating properties, but sometimes will still squeek during use.

If you do no have oil with you on your hunt, use some sunscreen or add a handfull of water over the cam while it spins and the squeek should stop immediately.

THE FIX: Loosen the two small screws at the top of the hinge connected to the cam-shaft. This should remove the "squished" effect of being overtightened.

If your Animator cam-shaft still does not spin smoothly, then call us immediately at 800.564.0914

If you bought your Animator from us, and you're the original owner, your Animator is covered under the Limited-Lifetime Warranty.

Your Limited-Lifetime Warranty covers EVERYTHING except loss and theft. If you have your product, we will replace it. Simply call us at 800.564.0914 to begin the process. You will have to mail back your broken part and cover shipping for that return, then we will replace it for you and ship it out for free, including shipping.

Though it is rare, the set screw can strip or become too tight in variable weather conditions. No problem! Simply call us at 800.564.0914 and we will replace the screw, or the entire plate, to be sure your Animator is easy to use.

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